Reference and Site Information

THE FOLLOWING reference resources were designed to assist competitors to better understand the Gold Coast and it's planning, history and context. Follow the links below to access these resources.

Also available to registered competitors was a series of locked resources known as Site Information that were available via Drop Box. An index of this information is listed below.

Site Information Index

The following materials will be made available via a downloadable link to successful competition registrants.

Plans & Images

Evandale site

  • Evandale aerial images and key map (JPG and PDF)
  • Evandale external site images (JPG)
  • Site orientation video
  • Evandale site survey (PDF and Dwg files)
  • Evandale carpark plan (PDF)
  • Evandale existing building services (PDF)

The Arts Centre existing building

  • The Arts Centre Gold Coast building plans (PDF and Dwg files)
  • The Arts Centre Gold Coast internal building images (JPG)

Other existing buildings

  • Surfers Administration and Riverside building plans and internal images (PDF and JPG)
    • Civic Chambers building plans and internal images (PDF and JPG)

Technical Reports

  • Gold Coast Cultural Precinct Planning Context Report, March 2013
  • Evandale to Chevron Island Greenbridge Options Analysis Report, October 2012
  • Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation, Green Bridge Chevron Island to Evandale, March 2009
  • Preliminary Geotechnical Report Evandale Cultural Precinct, June 2009

Reference Information

The following background and contextual information is not mandatory but will be valuable for Competitors seeking to fully understand the Design Challenge.

Understanding the Gold Coast


Evandale Context

About Chevron Island

About the Arts Centre Gold Coast

Picturing Evandale

Evandale History

Cultural Precinct Inspirations on Pinterest

Cultural Precinct Project Reports

  1. Council Report (14 September 2010)
  2. Council Report (21 June 2011)
  3. Council Report (23 October 2012)
  4. Council Report (28 May 2013)
  5. Council Committee Report (15 November 2013)
  6. Council Committee Report (15 October 2014) (extract)
  7. Council Committee Report (27 November 2014) (extract)
  8. Council Report (28 November 2014)
  9. Council Committee Report (12 February 2015)
  10. Council Report (17 February 2015) 
  11. Council Report - Special Budget Committee (4 May 2015)
  12. Council Report (5 May 2015)
  13. Council Report - Special Budget Committee (8 September 2015)
  14. Council Committee Report (26 November 2015)
  15. Council Report - Budget Adoption minutes (24 June 2016) (extract)
  16. Council Committee Report (4 August 2016)
  17. Council Committee Report (24 November 2016)
  18. Council Committee Report (11 May 2017)


Media Kit

 Other Supporting Documents for interest

 Gold Coast Rapid Transit Corridor Study

The Gold Coast Rapid Transit (GCRT) Corridor Study provides recommendations for future directions for the approximately 2000 hectares of Gold Coast City surrounding the new light rail system.

The study aligns with Council's vision of leading the way towards a bold future that can sustain growth and economic development while retaining a lifestyle that is uniquely Gold Coast.

The study will inform the planning scheme to meet the future needs of the community and provide better buildings, better streets and better places.

A key recommendation of the study is to improve the streets and public spaces of the Gold Coast.

> Gold Coast Rapid Transit Corridor Study

 Bundall Road Underpass Proposal

A proposal has been made for a pedestrian and cycle pathway under Bundall Road to link the Cultural Precinct to the office precinct on the west side of Bundall Road.

> Bundall Road Underpass Proposal

Planning Links

Planning Scheme Map

City Plan Overview of Planning Scheme Provisions Surrounding area 1 - Bundall Central Local Area Plan

Bundall is located on the central Gold Coast and is home to many of the city's major landmarks including the Gold Coast Arts Centre, the City of Gold Coast Chambers and the Gold Coast Turf Club.

Bundall is within easy access to Surfers Paradise which is approximately 5 minutes away by car. Bundall also has an extensive office precinct and light industrial area.