2009 Ideas Competition - Commendation 1


Submission: DC8 studio

Team: Brett Anstis

Company Name: DC8 Studio

Website  http://www.dc8studio.com/


This design approach is interwoven with symbolism entertaining a rich story of regional context and history.  The open character of the river site is enhanced and the site uses have been adapted to allow flexibility of planning.

The proposal focuses on a pragmatic site plan, generated by aspect and prospect opportunities with linked built form ‘wings’ providing a dynamic edge to a new open green space - a positive landscape space.  The green space gathers the site uses, providing order to the built form and a foreground to the water and city skyline views beyond, to the sites north and east.  The overlooked green space also invites activity and participation, a stage for others to relate to.

The new built forms are dynamic and stand elevated above the ground plane isolating spatial use from possible inundation, this feature enhances visual connectivity and legibility.  Accessible undercrofts created by the fragmented overhead structures provide shade and shelter at the ground plane.  Vehicles and services are stored below grade within the building footprints freeing the ground plane for public open space.  The need for strengthening public transport links is identified in minimizing reliance on the private vehicle.  Substantial areas of existing mature vegetation and open space are retained and enhanced with the capability for deep planting.

Site connectivity is addressed through a new green link to the east via a shaded, lightweight bridge, a linkage to the Chevron Island ‘urban village’ is required.  The adaptive scheme use presents no net loss in flood storage capacity and allows flexibility for overland flow.  The site planning and built forms are informal, sculptural, address sustainability issues and have a cultural significance to the Gold Coast.

The signal and beacon analogy of connected light towers whilst supported in extending an idea beyond the site is seen as somewhat remote, one best experienced via media or a place of some elevation.